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A Wintry Photoshoot

Heyyyyy guys! So, last week I decided it would be a good idea to take Heather outside and take pictures of her in the snow, freezing my fingers off in the process.

And I was right! It was a great idea, and the pictures turned out wonderfully. (My fingers are fully recovered, in case you were wondering.)

Here are the pics. Enjoy!

So, I got this sled from the Target holiday section (it was categorized as Wall Decor LOL) and decided to use it for a doll sled! I do that with a lot of things–you know what I’m talking about. You see that miniature sled, or mini wooden spoon, or mini dutch oven, and automatically assume it’s for dolls. Don’t deny it. I KNOW you do it.

The fur–or should I say, FIR–

Brain: NO.

Me: What?

Brain: Nope. No bad jokes.

Me: It’s not even that bad!

Brain: Seriously?


Me: Yeah. Okay, anyway. Geez, that was a loooooong sidetrack.


The fur on her jacket looks extra luxurious here.

All that self-banter for nine words. Wow.

I’m gonna stop talking now.

Why are the runners sunken into the snow, you ask? Well, the snow was super light and fluffy, and the sled decided to not cooperate for photos and sink down super deep. Poor Heather just wanted to go sledding, and now her sled is practically buried!

That sentence may have sounded like I was sad, but I’m honestly just laughing, looking back at this photo. I mean, really.


That pose! That jacket! Those earmuffs! The BOOTS! How the pine tree is the same color as her eyes! What a queen! What a legend!

*continues gushing for hours and hours*

It’s pretty, but the position of her arm seems a bit awkward. Anyone else, or is it just me?

Snow angel! This is actually a recreation of a picture from Heather’s very first official photoshoot…

Here it is! That was from about a year ago. Ah, how time flies…

I’d wanted it to look like she was trying to catch snowflakes, but that image was lost, as it wasn’t snowing at the time. Now it just looks slightly strange, like she’s talking to someone out of shot.

I made a bunch of little doll footprints behind her, but you can’t really see them, as I didn’t make them deep enough. Still a cute picture, though!

Heather is warming up by the fire with her sisters! Miriam brought some cake and a mug of hot cocoa.

This is actually before the shot prior to this. Miriam is bringing in her cake and hot chocolate.

Look at those precious girls, all cuddling together!

Heather looks so cute cuddled up under her blanket. ❤

And I decided to include a picture of myself! Yes, I know, I’m just…I actually don’t know what I am.🤣 But yeah, I just decided to include this cuz…idk why, I just felt like it.

And that concludes this post! Thank you so much for reading. Comment below and tell me your favorite picture!



17 responses to “A Wintry Photoshoot”

  1. I love the whole aesthetic of Heather and that fluffy jacket in the snow! Ok- I’m totally fan girling over you and your sister’s doll coats today. It’s fine. I will definitely admit to using tiny things for my dolls. I’m not even ashamed, Reesa!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just got Heather’s coat for Christmas, I think it’s from DreamWorld Collections on Etsy if you’d like to check it out. And YES, embrace the mini obsession!!!


  2. This is gorgeous! Heather is so pretty in her coat! I love the snow!
    The photo you took of yourself is so pretty and unique! I’ve never tried taking pictures of my fireplace reflection…
    Also, keep on adding punny quotes! They’re so funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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