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About Me

*rehearses in mirror*

Hi! I’m Reesa, the blogger ’round these parts—WHAT THE HECK IS THIS

Hi! I’m Reesa, the blogger here–nope, too stiff.

Oh! I actually have a reader! YAY! Hi, I’m Reesa, the blogger behind the DollVille Blog. Wait…I DID IT! YES!

*awkward silence*

Um, yeah. Me. I have a strange sense of humor–in case you didn’t realize that from the above–and a tendency to talk (type?) wayyy too much. I usually rein it in eventually. I love browsing Etsy for doll clothes, finding excuses to put my dolls in gowns, Harry Potter, making printables crafts, and JESUS! I made an aesthetic board (because I enjoy making aesthetic boards/moodboards) about me, and I thought this would be a good place to put it!

So that’s the absolutely riveting story of me. For much better content, go check out the blog or the Meet the Dolls page. If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just words that you want to say, drop a comment! (Please check out the Comment Policy before that, though.)

If you’d like to contact me privately, my email is

Okay, see what I said about my tendency to talk/type too much? That’s showing right here. I will stop my chatter and leave you to explore the blog!