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Travel Week

We are officially in the FINAL WEEK of Spirit Month! I can’t believe how fast this event has gone. Here are my doll pictures for Travel/Around the World week!

Heather is going to France! Here she is in front of the classic Eiffel Tower.

And in case you guys were wondering, you can edit a background into your dolls’ photo!

And here’s Miriam, on a ski trip! Colorado, perhaps?

Speaking of ski trips, next week I won’t be posting anything because we’ll be skiing for spring break. Voting will happen the first full week of April, and the results will be released the second full week. Anyone who gets prizes will hopefully get them by the third or fourth week (since most prizes are customized, it could take a while to make them).

Well, I’m excited to see all of your pictures! I’ve loved all of the photos that I have seen so far–I really don’t know how you guys will choose!



14 responses to “Travel Week”

  1. Nice photos! I love the one of Miriam the most! I was wondering since this is travel week, do we have to just do pictures of them in lets say France or are we able to take a picture of them traveling to their destination in a car or plane?

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