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Fairytale Week

Hi! Welcome back to the DollVille Blog! We are now in our second week of DollVille Spirit Month–yayyy! This week’s theme is Fairy Tales. There are three different aspects of this that could be submitted:

  • Specific fairy tale
  • Disney fairy tale
  • Fairy-tale cliche

I had all of my dolls dressed up so that I could explain these categories.

For a specific fairy tale, Laura dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood! Isn’t she cute? The picture doesn’t show it, but she’s wearing the black boots from the last post. I just love those boots! 😄

The specific fairy tale category is pretty much just a fairy/folk tale that isn’t Disney.

Disney Fairy Tale: Miriam put on this Elsa dress for me, and she also kindly agreed to go outside for a quick photo. A Disney fairy tale is basically any Disney movie that isn’t set in modern times.

For our fairy-tale cliche, Heather is a princess! Not any named person, but a common character that shows up in a fairy tale. Other cliches might be a prince, a queen, a king, a witch, a knight…you get the idea.

I can’t wait to see your fairy tales (I’ve written “fairy tale” so many times by now, it no longer looks like words 😂).

Also, you can submit pictures for weeks after they’ve happened (like Historical Week) or before they’ve happened (like Pajama Week or Travel Week). As long as you send/post the picture before April 1, you’re good!

Have a great day! See you guys in Pajama Week!



13 responses to “Fairytale Week”

  1. Ahh, these photos are awesome! I think I know exactly what I’m going to do for Fairytale week…
    Ooh, I’m glad I can still send in a historical photo! I think I might just send in all the photos at once, hopefully, this week!
    Love this event, Reesa!

    Liked by 1 person

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