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Introducing…DollVille Spirit Month!

Hi, guys! Welcome back to the DollVille Blog. Today, I’m going to be introducing a brand-new blog event: DollVille Spirit Month!

This event will be like a school Spirit Week, but extending over a month to give me more time to post, and to give you guys more time to participate (we’ll talk about that in just a moment). There will be four themed weeks: Historical Week, Fairytale Week, Pajama Week, and Around the World/Travel Week.

Now, here’s where you all come in!

Each week, you can submit a picture of your dolls that matches that week’s theme. You don’t have to send in a picture for every week if you don’t want to. Then, at the end of the month, all of the pictures will be posted on this blog. Then, we’ll vote for the best outfit for each week! The winners for each week will get some exclusive (*oooooh*) printables!

To send in pictures, you can send them to We’ll kick off Spirit Month with Historical Week next week. Below are just the explanations of the days, and the list of prizes for each week.

Please note that making the prizes could take a bit of time, since a few of them are custom. Thanks!

DollVille Spirit Month Weeks

Historical Week: Dress up your doll in the fashions of the olden days! (Caption with year/time period.)

Fairytale Week: Clothes from a fairytale, folk tale, Disney movie, or your own fairytale! (Caption with the fairytale you are picturing.)

Pajama Week: PAJAMAS. Need I say more?

Around the World/Travel Week: Put your doll in vacation clothes, or clothes that would fit another country! (Caption with the country/vacation destination.)

Spirit Month Prizes

Historical Week Prize: An AG Historical book cover (wrap around foamboard, cardboard, or paper to make a little book!

Fairytale Week Prize: A doll-sized movie poster of your favorite movie/TV series.

Pajama Week Prize: A bag of chips or candy (your choice) for a lazy day at home!

Around the World Week Prize: Up to three customized plane tickets with YOUR dolls’ names on them.

Deadlines: Have all pictures submitted by April 1.

Well, I’ll see you in Historical Week! I can’t wait to see what all of you come up with! ❤



21 responses to “Introducing…DollVille Spirit Month!”

  1. This is a really cool idea! My dolls will all love it, since it’s an excuse for them to dress up and a reason for me to take photos of them. I’ve just made two of them new pajamas, so I’m looking forward to pajama week!

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