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A Trip to the Coffee Shop

Hey, everyone!

My sister and I have a doll coffee shop that we made, and we almost never use it. So, I decided to get some use out of it and take some pictures in the shop!

Today, Sadie is at a playdate with a friend from daycare, so it’s just Miriam, Camille, Laura, and Heather.

The girls file into the coffee shop. The scents of cinnamon, coffee, and berries fill the air.

(Side note: Aren’t Laura and Heather’s matching drawstring bags ADORABLE? And the bow in Miriam’s hair is just so cute.😍)

Miriam steps up first.

“Welcome to Ala Coffee Shop! What can I get for you today?”

“A mocha-caramel latte and a cinnamon roll, please.”

The barista, whose nametag reads ‘Mira,’ taps the order in on her screen. “Three dollars and twenty-five cents, but you can lower the cost with an Ala* Rewards Card.”

“I’ll just pay with cash, I don’t have a rewards card.”

“Would you like to get one?”

“I’m okay, thank you.”

“Are you sure? There are almost unlimited perks with every purchase,” Mira persists.

*Ala (ay-luh) is an ancient Eslynese word for ‘Yum.’ It’s also the original name of the coffee shop that I didn’t feel like changing…😂

*Just ignore the fact that this is US currency and they’re in Eslyn.*

“I’ll just pay with cash,” Miriam repeats, placing her money on the counter. Mira, slightly put out, takes it and places it in the cash register drawer.

Camille is next. “A blueberry lemon-lime smoothie and a lemon square.” Heather gives her a look. “Please.”

“Your total is…four dollars.”

Camille extracts four dollars from her hoodie pocket and hands it to Mira.

Heather walks up to the counter, already rifling through her drawstring bag for her wallet. “Could I get a cotton-candy latte and…” She looks over at the bakery case. “A Valentine’s heart cookie?”

“Absolutely. That’ll be three dollars, fifty cents.”

Heather haphazardly unloads the money on the counter, then steps aside for Laura.

“Hi, I’d like a cinnamon roll and a berry-caramel latte.”

“Would you like to pay with cash or Ala Rewards Card?”

“Ala Rewards Card,” Laura replies. Mira does a double take. So do Miriam, Heather, and Camille.

“When did you get a Rewards card?” Heather asks.

“This fall. I always came here after school, because Heather had ballet, Miriam had cheer practice, and Camille had swim practice. Since I came here so often, I thought it would be a good buy.”

Laura slides the card into the reader. After waiting for a moment, she pulls it out again.

“Your drink will be ready in just a moment.”


Miriam hurries to the pick up area for her mocha latte and cinnamon roll.

“Yum,” she says as she bites into the cinnamon roll. “I need to get this recipe.”


Camille tentatively steps forward, takes her drink and lemon bar, and happily begins munching.

“Heather!” the barista calls. She scoops up her order and takes a sip of her whipped-cream-topped drink.

“Mmm,” Heather sighs happily.

Laura is finally called, and she eagerly takes her latte and cinnamon roll.

“Okay girls, that’s a wrap. Great pictures,” I say. “Actually, let’s get a group photo. Say ‘DollVille!’”


I hope that all of you enjoyed this little photostory thingamabob. What’s your favorite coffee shop, and what do you usually order? Comment your answer below!

Have a lovely day, and happy Valentine’s Day! Love you all!



24 responses to “A Trip to the Coffee Shop”

  1. Love the coffee shop! There are a few local coffee places I like, but some of my favorite are Starbucks and Scooters…at SB I usually get a Caramel Frappe and at Scooters I usually get a strawberry smoothie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks, JustDolling! It actually took quite a bit of renovation before I could use it for pictures. Ripping off cabinets, adding shelves, finagling the bakery case, etc. But it certainly paid off, if you think it’s better than AG’s! Thanks again!!!


  2. Woah! Those coffees look adorable! Also your dolls look so cute with their coffee! You are quite a crafter! Hmm, Jessi works at the coffee shop? Did she steal somebody’s identity? Reesa! Tell RJ that Jessi’s been secretly working at a coffee shop! Hehe, great story, Reesa!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your coffee shop is really cool – the card reader is awesome! I never really go to coffee shops, but if I did I would get hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll (the Ala ones look quite tasty!). But I have to know, what do YOU normally order?
    Ah, yes, the photostory thingamabob! May I present . . . . ‘photoscene’! I was having the same problem with some of my photo-thingies because they didn’t really have plots but they were still little photo-somethings, so I decided to call them photoscenes. I don’t think the term has really caught on yet, but oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

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