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Off-Topic: Valentine’s Phone Wallpapers

Hey, guys! Today I have a very out-of-the-blue post for you. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I enjoy graphic design (or rather, Canva) I decided to create some fun Valentine’s phone backgrounds! These can be for home screens, lock screens, etc.

If you’d like to download the pictures, right-click and download that way.

Note: I didn’t make any of these graphics, I kind of just put them together. So just about all of the talent is the graphics creators on Canva!

Here are some cute heart balloons! They’d make a super cute lock screen.

Here we have a cute heart arrow!

This is my favorite wallpaper! I looked through all of them on my own phone, and the above has become my brand-new background.

This background is similar to the last one (the graphics are from the same creator on Canva), but that doesn’t make it any less cute! I almost chose this one for my personal background.

That concludes this post. Thanks for reading, and happy Valentine’s Day!

(Okay, I’m actually not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do love the pink and hearts thing. And the chocolate!)

Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day? Comment below!



13 responses to “Off-Topic: Valentine’s Phone Wallpapers”

  1. Aww, these are really sweet! The last one is my favourite. I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day, mostly because it seems like a day to make people feel bad about being single, but I remember in elementary school it was really nice making up cards for everyone!
    Also, I’ve tagged you for something (ooo, what could it be? XD)! You can find it right here:

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