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The DollVille Cookbook is Here!

Hey, guys!

So, in my last post, I mentioned an idea I had about a mini craft cookbook–a little AG-sized book that tells you how to make different doll foods. I got some positive responses, so I made it! The printable for the DollVille Cookbook will be on the Printables page, along with larger pictures of the pages (in case you can’t read the directions). And this post is for the tutorial, so let’s get into this!

Start by cutting out the cookbook cover. Cut the rectangle out as a whole, don’t cut the pieces separately! Fold on the lines to make a back cover, front cover, and spine.

Next, cut out the first string of pages (there are four pages in each string). Accordion fold* it as shown. Make sure that they’re folded exactly as in the picture, or it won’t turn out right.

*Accordion folding is where you fold backward, then forward, then backward, or vice versa.

Tape or glue (with a gluestick, not liquid glue) the back of the Breakfast page to the back of the first Pancakes page as show in the picture.

Now tape the backside of the Table of Contents page to the inside of the front cover.

Cut out the second string of pages and accordion fold in the fashion shown above. Tape the backside of the Bacon page to the backside of the Lunch page.

Tape the backside of the Eggs page to the backside of the Pancakes (ctd.) page.

Now, do the same thing with the third string of pages that you did with the last two: accordion fold, tape the two middle pages, and tape the back of the Fluffernutter page to the back of the fourth page of the last page string that you put in.

Sorry, that last sentence was a bit confusing.🙃

And then do the same thing with the fourth string that you did with the third, but this time, tape the back of the Polaroid page to the inside of the back cover…


You’re done!!!

Okay, this little book is so cute! It’s small enough to work for AG dolls, but big enough to be able to read the words. The directions may seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy!

For anyone who plans to print it, enjoy, and to people who may not have the supplies or time, I hope you enjoyed this post regardless! Have a fantastic week, everyone!



19 responses to “The DollVille Cookbook is Here!”

  1. This is an awesome idea! I love how it’s a cookbook for making doll food so you get both a cool craft and instructions for future crafts! My dolls don’t have any cookbooks (although they do have too many books XD) so I might have to make this for them.

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